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Elite Singles surveyed 450,000 of its online daters in order to find out what their ideal relationship age gap would be, with the results clearly indicating that - despite society's perceptions about men always needing to find a younger woman - the majority of young men actually want the exact opposite.Similarly, Fifty Shades of Grey director Sam Taylor-Johnson, 47, is 23 years older than her husband Aaron Taylor-Johnson, however both have noted in the past that they don't really notice the age be fair, I love dogs, so it will usually hinder my decision…Although, admittedly I may swipe right for the dog, Sorry not sorry.

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in Ibiza for a season, travelling round Oz or if you’re travelling in the UK (for some reason?!(I didn’t actually buy anymore after that, but I was bought 3 drinks afterwards, including another jagerbomb… ) I believed I was pulling some sick moves on the dancefloor at the time (I probably wasn’t, co-ordination and balance, especially in heels isn’t my strong point). By the time I’d sunk all them, I was absolutely gone, I was high on life, drunk and dancing the night away, but wait Hayley, I hear you say, Nothing that bad has happened? Being the drunk that I am, I stumbled outside for some fresh air and what is waiting there, A PANCAKE STATION.I thought I was the next Beyonce, in reality I looked like this: Maybe not best if you throw your hair around in a unruly fashion. Not even kidding, a full blown pancake station and they’re free. Declare that I am sugarbae and proceed to sprinkle sugar on everyone’s pancakes, even if they didn’t want it. Unless you’re actually dating or like each other, I highly suggest that you don’t kiss your co-worker. The rest of your colleagues will probably see and react like this Oh, and they won’t let you live it down, I don’t see the taunts stopping anytime soon… ) So those are my tips on how not do a work night out, unless you’re into that of course… Hayley xo I’ve been on and off Tinder longer than I care to admit and quite frankly, I’ve come across some right hilarious, weird and down right odd profiles.At least it’s not the most embarrassing thing I did that night… So we move onto the next place, and we had as a group actually won a £100 bar tab, which included 2 bottles of vodka (including Belvedere) and mixers etc etc. Should anyone I did that to read this, I am v sorry. I’ve collated together the 10 types of tinder profiles I’ve come across on my time *cough* on Tinder, which I’m sure many of my fellow ladies will probably be able to relate.We were all given a drink and then we all hit the dancefloor, the booze was truly starting to kick in at this point and I went back into VIP and found a quarter of the belvedere was left… I hope my sugar contributions only made your pancakes better. “The Fisherman” I’m not sure what these guys are trying to achieve…

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