Tips on dating italian men

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If you have a personal story to add, please put it in the comments below.My world is obviously small so I’d like to know what everyone else thinks.With that being said, in the US I feel like it’s common for guys to put women into these baskets and treat them accordingly.Some American guys might treat a one-night-stand like a prostitute (because they were raised by monkeys, apparently).

” I guess the same way you date anyone-consensually. I’m unaware of any secret tactic for getting laid in Italy.

Our stereotype is that all we do is run around with our dresses over our heads having sex with anyone that walks by us. It sounds a little bit like Italy might be wrestling with the Madonna/Whore complex–women who have sex are whores, women who don’t are the ever-nagging, stalkerish, wife-to-be Madonna. It tends to be lower in Anglo Saxon/ Celtic cultures, but not by very much so don’t feel too proud, Americans. If someone cheats on you, break it off and move on.

If you’re worried about getting freak-nasty with someone and them cheating on you, just put a GPS chip in their pocket, it’s totally not crazy at all and they’ll probably be thankful that you’re tracking their every move. They weren’t “the one.” 6) How do I make the sex on Italians?

I do have to add though, that one of my dear friends said that she finds Italian men to be too egocentric for good sex and after the initial hookup they become very self-absorbed.

A gay friend of mine said, “every guy is different, just like anywhere, but Italian guys are insanely hot in general.” 4) What About the Women?

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