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Do not ask your children to deal with adult issues.

Children are not equipped to understand adult problems.

He, in turn, treats her with deference, reaching out to touch her arm frequently as they talk.

But their successful partnership doesn't mean they're always in harmony.

The key is for you and your ex to take the high road and truly make sacrifices for your children.

It isn't only self-indulgent, but self-destructive for you to thrust your children in the middle of emotional crossfire. The fact that your relationship didn't work out is unfortunate, but it's not their fault.

If you identify with at least two of the below scenarios, you could be falling prey to a scam artist.

Phil Mc Graw has worn multiple hats in his 57 years — college football star, clinical psychologist, trial consultant, best-selling author, talk show phenomenon.

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"She'll actually moonwalk through the kitchen." He, on the other hand, prefers to do his dancing on the inside, and sometimes that's not enough for his wife. "I can take one look at him and know how happy he is."In his years of private practice and counseling troubled couples on the show, Phil has learned a thing or two about how to make a relationship last.Further, forbid your children to speak disrespectfully about the other parent, even though it may be music to your ears.- Negotiate and agree on how you can best handle such things as handing off the children for visitation, holidays, or events.- Agree on boundaries and behavioral guidelines for raising your children so that there's consistency in their lives, regardless of which parent they're with at any given time.- Negotiate and agree on the role extended family members will play and the access they'll be granted while your child is in each other's charge.- Communicate actively with your ex about all aspects of your child's development.- Recognize that children are prone to testing a situation and manipulating boundaries and guidelines, especially if there's a chance to get something they may not ordinarily be able to obtain.- Compare notes with your ex before jumping to conclusions or condemning one another about what may have happened.- Although it may be emotionally painful, make sure that you and your ex keep each other informed about changes in your life circumstances so that the child is never, ever the primary source of information.- Commit to conducting yourself with emotional integrity.Focus your efforts on what your children need most during this difficult time: acceptance, assurance of safety, freedom from guilt or blame for their parents' break up, structure, a stable parent who has the strength to conduct business and the ability to just be a kid.If your ex simply won't get in the game, you must do so anyway. And if you do take the high road, in the long run, your children will admire you for it.The day will come when they'll look back and say, "My mother [or father] behaved with such class, dignity and respect that I can see how much he or she loved me and wanted peace and tranquility in my life.

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