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The unmanned car that had been disengaged from the rest of the train had gotten loose and began rolling down the tracks right behind our train.

A railway employee managed to jump onto the car to engage the emergency brake before it reached the end of the line at Sapporo.” “A couple of years ago, I was in Kyoto boarding an 8 a.m.-ish train to Nara.

Two train otaku once pointed out to me that while the bullet train, including the new Evangelion shinkansen, should be a highlight of every person’s trip to Japan, it’s by riding the regional trains that you get to experience the local color.“I got on late the Chuo line one night in Kichijoji heading for Shinjuku.The train car was almost empty except for a salaryman and a woman sitting across from each other.This experience haunted me for weeks.” Talk about missing your train!It’s certainly not unusual for drunk men to hurl vomit onto the tracks while waiting for the train.

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