Gay czech dating

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This increasing tolerance is probably helped by the low levels of religious belief in the country, particularly when compared to its neighbours Poland, Austria and Slovakia.There is a comparatively large gay community in Prague, less so in the rest of the country, with the capital acting as a magnet for the country’s gay youth.In order to be covered by health insurance, a request for change of gender markers and treatment is assessed by a commission at the Ministry of Health.After being approved, the applicant undergoes one year of hormonal treatment, which is followed by one year of living in the social role of the other gender, including e.g. After this two-year treatment, the applicant's genitalia may be surgically changed.43% of Czech respondents indicated that none or only few of their family members know about their sexual orientation.Only one in five respondents is open about their sexual orientation to all their colleagues or classmates.There is some legal recognition of same-sex couples.Unregistered cohabitation has been possible since 2001.

In 2006, it legalized registered partnerships (Czech: registrované partnerství) for same-sex couples.Compared to the EU average, the Czech Republic showed relatively positive results.However, the outcomes also show that there is still large space for improvement of the LGBT rights.The Czech Republic was ranked 18th, just above Austria and below Belgium, with a GHI score of 66.In contrast to the limitations of the communist era, the Czech Republic has become socially relatively liberal since the Velvet Revolution in 1989 and is one of the most gay-friendly countries in the European Union.

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