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Still, I’m too busy at work to reply to the men again until I get home at 10pm. Some have sent several messages to fill in the gaps.I decide to start being as disgustingly honest about myself as I can in the hope I’ll repel them. It also turns out that one of the guys has asked me on a date and has been waiting for a reply all day.A monthly “lol” will also be randomly released in your most active, and hated, group text.The creators of Please Stop It are working on an additional app that recognizes vacation pictures and automatically responds with, “So jealous!Another, who posts ‘look at my (not very good) guns’ pics and quotes The Matrix in his biog, also wants my digits. Unfortunately I haven’t saved their numbers so have no real idea which is which.

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The app was designed for anyone who’s ever gotten up to pee, come back, and had 20 unread messages waiting for them from a group chat they never even signed up for in the first place, or for anyone without the time to search for a generic GIF in response to their college squash team’s annual reunion.

SATURDAY I’m meant to be cooking lunch for some friends but forget to put stuff in the oven in time because I’m so busy swiping right to a guy whose profile pic quite possibly features his wife, two guys who look like an French electro pop duo, a guy in a leopard print cowboy hat, a cartoon man, a man whose intro is ‘with me sex is inevitable’ and ‘Anthony The Cat’.

I now have 69 matches and it’s confusing the hell out of me.

I still don’t message anyone first but still, so far, 22 have messaged me.

Twenty-four hours have passed and my ‘swipe slut’ ban has lifted, but I decide to concentrate on the conversations instead.

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