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When she warns a lover to get ready for war, she means ready for love, made clear by substituting “love” for “war” when the line next comes around.“Gleaux” is nothing more than a goofy spelling of “glow,” which is what she wants to do with her baby so they can see each other in the night.By album’s end, with Druski’s Debussy interpolation floating in the foreground, she’s pledging her desire to “go back” to those days of white knights and white horses. Because “those were the days,” because “we were young,” but also because they were “pretty things.” An aesthetic appreciation in an album filled with them, and a reminder once again to always take this fantasist at her well-chosen word.Sean “Diddy” Combs has changed his stage name back to Puff Daddy, a name he used for many years earlier in his career, according to Radio.She told VIBE Magazine: "There's no right or wrong way to do what you love.Because of Puff's past and his track record, people tend to think that I'm stupid and I don't get what's going on.And note her similarities with an author like Octavia E.

EP wasn’t enough to convince skeptics that a member of the Diddy-assembled reality TV troupe Danity Kane had placed herself among R&B’s front ranks, perhaps a reminder of the messy paths that artistic self-determination can take is in order.She’s found a remarkably simpatico producer in Druski, who brings an arsenal of synth pads, string settings, retro keyboards, and beats both varied and sharp to each composition.He mimics vintage ARP 2600 synths (“Frequency”), conjures Ibiza hedonism (“Riot”), and goes ornate via plucked strings and rolling tympani (“In the Hearts Tonight”).In February, French Montana announced that he is slated to executive produce Puff Daddy’s upcoming album.As an artist, Puff Daddy has released several projects, including his debut album, 1997’s .

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