Dating freitas

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” Alex Williams wrote, “Traditional courtship — picking up the telephone and asking someone on a date — required courage, strategic planning and a considerable investment of ego.

“I think that hooking up is preferred to being in a relationship.

It is unclear exactly how the pair met, though they did make a bizarre art film called David Lynch - I Know, which was hosted on the filmmakers website Genero TV, and shows the pair in a remote location, meeting in an abandoned house then kissing.

When Donna Freitas offered a class on dating and spirituality at St.

She is also a devoted fan of the celebrated British children’s author Philip Pullman, and her book about the religious and ethical dimensions of his award-winning trilogy Killing the Imposter God: Philip Pullman’s Spiritual Imagination in His Dark Materials (Jossey-Bass/Wiley) hit the bookshelves in the middle of a major, national controversy about the release of the trilogy’s first movie installment.

Much of her writing, teaching, and lecturing centers around struggles of belonging and alienation with regard to faith, particularly among young adults and especially with regard to young women.

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