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Crying about it after actions have been taken isn't going to do much.I'm fairly certain if you were the level you say you were, then you have contact with fubar "friends" off the site.Hello, I would like to just say that I've been with fubar for 4 years and I've had no problems with the site, it is because of fubar that I've met great friends and family members.I've never had any trouble from anyone on there NEVER scammed by the site.I have never been SCAMMED by any member on the site, no member of the staff, and have never had a bad run in with Ryan (Scrapper) or Mike (Babyj) they both have been very helpful towards me when ever I needed help with something and a Bouncer couldn't help me Support was there to fix the issue.

So before stating these facts you should have exactly that "FACTS" to back up your claims.They go on and beyond means to make sure your issue is resolved and that you are not having the issue again.Features on Fubar The Features on fubar are like non other they have features for everything that you are looking for, You can always see them adding more and more to the site to keep adding to the great features, The Mafia on the site "fu Mafia" is like no other Mafiawars I hated Mafia wars until I played it on fubar now I'm addicted to the game (fumafia) Lounges Great way to get your designs out there and music styles to get members to interact with you directly from your lounge and you work as a community sharing things music and more Blogs Your able to blog about your life and read others blogs and find out just how many people feel just the same way as you about a subject and along the way you meet some wonderful people.The Site does not REQUIRE you to BUY anything if you DON'T Want too.I've spent spent a lot of money on this site with out 0% issues or anything that would tell me this site is a scam site.

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