Arizona radiogenic helium dating laboratory

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IMAGE: In Utah State University's Microscopy Core Facility, USU geologist Alexis Ault, right, explains to students from Perry, Utah's Promontory School for Expeditionary Learning how a scanning electron microscope is used...

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"When an earthquake occurs, the primary byproduct is heat," says Ault, who joined USU's faculty in 2014.

"These middle schoolers will be participating in cutting-edge research relevant to their daily lives." To pursue this project, she's assembled a team of interdisciplinary experts, including researchers from the U. Geological Survey and multiple universities across the country.

Graduate student Rob Mc Dermott, a USU Presidential Doctoral Research Fellow, provided pilot data for the project.

Our capacity for Ar F excimer laser depth profiling of experimental charges also permits us to evaluate the extent of crystallographically controlled variations in diffusivity.

paper, Cécile Gautheron and colleagues noted that alpha particles from U and Th decay interact with 18O to produce 21Ne and envisioned the potential for a (U-Th)/Ne thermochronometer.

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