Virtual dating sexgame

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Playforceone, better if you guys create same game but in lower graphic quality There is definitely a glitch with the deep throat.

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Jordan is beautifully drawn, and I really like the dialogue options in which she is really sincerely friendly and supportive of her somewhat bumbling customer.Jordan 500, to my eyes, is the third of the girl who make me like to play all your game Kelly and Chritine are the 2 first this game is very beautiful with so interesting animations and so wonderful graphics. I know Tori500 is the current sequel to this but you should consider doing more simulation-style games! But, as was mentioned by other - the animation of sex is bad. The ending was nice, but I would prefer to give artworks as bonus to game (as in Passion Hotel) and the endings like a some scene (as in most of your games).Any more of these games with Jordan, a good choice of sexual options and maybe add some sound to the scenes too? Finally, it is a detail, but you can place some note about the mechanic. Or just say that it is not so important - for example because the game is not linear. Also game is not long, but this is also not a big problem if we assume, that you are working on Kellys comeback form voyage and it will be something bigger than usual. Good game all in all, bit short, not sure if its worth playing a few times to get other endings, beat the other girls easy enough on 1st attempt so guess its done.The animations are great, but i dont know if i played in my old desktop.well, i think this game should be played on computer.

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