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Joost and Schulman do a terrific job of staging this vertiginous sequence.

It works as the ultimate bad dream of peer pressure — the notion that is how far someone will go to please her followers.

Vee’s first official dare is to visit a diner and kiss a stranger for five seconds, and once she gets there she sets her sights on Ian (Dave Franco), whose face is buried behind a paperback copy of “To the Lighthouse.” That turns out to be no coincidence. The follow-up dare involves her pairing off with Ian, who choppers her into Manhattan, where the two stop off at Bergdorf Goodman and — next dare — she tries on a skimpy couture dress that looks like it was made out of a crushed emerald-green Christmas ornament.

On Facebook, Vee had listed Virginia Woolf’s novel as her all-time favorite. Then their clothes get stolen (which turns out to be the dare of someone else).

Some scenes are super cringe worthy and left me feeling uncomfortable about my movie picking skills.The participants compete with each other to win the grand prize as the dares get tougher.Things get worse when the tasks get increasingly dangerous and lives are at stake.But they’re also the ones controlling the whole thing.They think up the dares and become a live audience for them on their phones and computers, choosing to follow this or that player. At “Nerve,” we are entertained (sort of), by a concoction that’s basically a B-movie scavenger hunt with a soupcon of “relevance.” It’s like an update of the 1997 David Fincher thriller “The Game,” only with an ominous hint of that feels more like “The Purge.” “Nerve,” let’s be clear, isn’t a movie to take seriously, yet its fast lunge at topicality — the way it uses the contest at its center as a lightning-rod metaphor for how young adults interact in the digital age — is part of what’s fun about it.

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