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and I remember her going, ' That's what it should look like it,'" recalled T-Boz, imitating Lisa's squeaky voice. '""It just came together and it was like we evolved into these women instead of these little girls.We had a little more sex appeal."The group also said they shot the video for 1992's "What About Your Friends" twice.Girl Group Etiquette When TLC debuted in the early '90s, the industry was jam-packed with girl groups. Chilli says one of the keys to a successful girl group is not going "into a group knowing that you want to be a solo artist.""If you end up going solo that's fine, but don't go in there like, ' I'm just going to use this as my platform,'" she added.Chilli also said things work smoothly for her and T-Boz because they "are exactly identical when it comes to morals and values.""' Cause I was never, even if she liked or had a crush (on a guy), hands off. Pointing to T-Boz, she added: "' Cause this one is really shy, even if she's was just like, ' I'm not going to tell him' - it doesn't matter that's like hands off. ' Well, you married now, so remember your boyfriend? "' Cause I know some people who did that publicly.D, 4-29-1861 to 5-20-1861 Served 2nd: MN 3rd Regiment Co.

Veterans Volunteer Infantry, 1st Army Corp, 9th Regiment 3-22-1865 to 3-21-1866 (photo from a picture album dating to 1860-70 owned by his father) 4-1-1841 to 6-29-1884 Born in Greene Twp., Trumbull County, Ohio Died in Inman Twp., Otter Tail County, MN Served 1st: MN 3rd Regiment Co. A, Hatch's Independent Battalion of Cavalry 6-30-1863 to 6-5-1866 to 2-24-1926 Born in Greene Twp., Trumbull County, Ohio Died in Seattle, Washington Buried in Evergreen-Washelli Cemetery, Seattle, WA Served 1st: 3rd Regiment Co.And you do, too." Left Eye Never Left TLC said Left Eye's spirit wasn't just in the studio while recording the new album, she's around them every day."We just incorporate her in everything.The thought is always there, whether you're recording or not - you can't forget it," T-Boz said.Jul 3, 2017The I Don’t Get It gals have a pop icon on this week’s show.The very talented Aaron Carter comes on to talk about his new album, dating, and how he has stayed so strong while going through some difficult times including the death of his sister.

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